Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blooming Beauties

'Hibiscus'  Oil on Canvas  Patricia Kavanagh

"Ungrateful he who plucked thee from thy stalk,
Poor faded flow'ret! On his careless way
Inhal'd awhile thy odours on his walk,
Then onward pass'd and left thee to decay".

From 'The Faded Flower' by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

'Flowers of the Burren'  Oil on Canvas  Patricia Kavanagh

'Fuchsia'  Oil on Canvas  Patricia Kavanagh

'Poppies'  Oil on Canvas  Patricia Kavanagh

'Wild Flowers'  Oil on Board  Patricia Kavanagh

'Sweet Pea in the Patio'  Oil on Canvas  Patricia Kavanagh

Cooking Dinner

'Onion'  Watercolour on Paper  Patricia Kavanagh

"There is in every cook's opinion,
No savoury dish without an onion;
But lest your kissing should be spoil'd,
The onion must be thoroughly boil'd"!

From 'Onions' by Jonathan Swift

'Pepper'  Watercolour on Paper  Patricia Kavanagh

'Bay Leaves'  Watercolour on Paper  Patricia Kavanagh

'Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper Mills'  Brush, Pen and Ink  Patricia Kavanagh

'Weighing Scales, Rolling Pin, Mixing Bowl'  Brush, Pen and Ink  Patricia Kavanagh

'Salt and Spoon'  Brush, Pen and Ink  Patricia Kavanagh

'Salt Shaker'  Oil on Paper  Patricia Kavanagh

Looking at Hopper

'Second Storey Sunlight' after Edward Hopper   Pencil on Paper   Patricia Kavanagh

'Second Storey Sunlight' after Edward Hopper  Brush, Pen and Ink   Patricia Kavanagh

'Second Storey Sunlight' after Edward Hopper  Oil on Paper   Patricia Kavanagh

"Edward Hopper, the best-known American realist of the inter-war period once said: 
"The man's the work.  Something doesn't come out of nothing".
This offers a clue to interpreting the work of an artist who was not only intensely private, but who made solitude and introspection important themes in his paintings".

I love how Hopper captured the light and shade in his paintings!
This is my little attempt to copy his work!